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Redskins Suspensions Have Fantasy Implications

In addition to losing two solid players from our...ahem...high-octane offense, there are other issues that stem from the benching of Fred Davis and Trent Williams. That's right...there are fantasy implications.

When I drafted Fred Davis this preseason, Chris Cooley was still on the board. Dallas Clark was still on the board. Jimmy Graham was still in the board. Simply put, I placed a great deal of faith in the USC grad. His suspension is as much his fault as it is mine. After all, my fantasy team has a far more relaxed policy towards off-field behavior, and I really dropped the ball when it came to petitioning the league to try and align their policy with mine.

If you were riding #83 to the fantasy playoffs, your ride has come to a smoky, hazy stop.

I'm guessing not many teams drafted Trent Williams, but if you have any member of the Redskins offense on it you are affected. If you own any defense the Redskins will be playing in the next few weeks, you are affected.

Today's question: which player's suspension has the greatest fantasy impact?

(Please don't comment that there are issues bigger than fantasy football at play here. First of all, that is debatable in and of itself. Secondly, this is a quick-hitting fantasy football poll. That gives us the rest of the day to save the world. I have already spent more time on this disclaimer than I did on the entire post.)