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Daily Slop: Redskins vs Jets Link Roundups; Sav Rocca Nursing Ankle Injury


Jurgensen predicts Rex Grossman will be back - DC Sports Bog
Veteran Redskins analyst thinks the team will bring back quarterback as a mentor and possible backup in 2012.

Redskins’ Kevin Barnes upset over penalty - The Insider
"I didn’t hit him in his head, it was just the fact that it was a late whistle," Barnes said. "It was because it was a false start somehow, some way. I didn’t see it, nobody else saw it. He happened to blow the whistle two seconds after. Defensive and offensive plays aren’t that long, so everybody was still playing, nobody heard the whistle. I was just executing."

Redskins-Jets best and worst - DC Sports Bog - WaPost
Helu looked dynamic every time he touched the ball in the first half, and averaged 5.7 yards a carry. So why did the team have 20 passes to 11 runs, including three straight runs from inside the 20 in the final minute of the first half?

Sav Rocca hopeful injury isn’t serious - The Insider - WaPost
"I think it’s just a bit of a slight strain of the ankle. We haven’t assessed it just yet," said Rocca. "I was restricted a little bit [in the second half]. I couldn’t get all of my power into the ball. Every time I planted, it was sore."

Mark Sanchez leads New York Jets rally past Redskins with another sharp fourth quarter -
Any chance of a Redskins (4-8) comeback was extinguished on the next series when Aaron Maybin drilled Grossman, causing a fumble that Calvin Pace recovered at the Redskins’ 9. Greene then scored his second of a career-high three touchdowns to ice the game.

Jets Still in Running for A.F.C. Berth After Ragged Win Against the Redskins -
After a bumpy 55 minutes that left the Redskins protecting a thin three-point lead, the Jets finally managed to find their spark to beat the Redskins, 34-19.

Fans at Redskins-Jets game injured in FedEx escalator accident - The Insider - The Washington Post
Fire and police officials said victims taken to the hospital had injuries that were minor or not serious

Jets Fly By Redskins " CBS Washington
"The last six or seven minutes of the game were really embarrassing," Cornerback Kevin Barnes said. "Those last two touchdowns by them were complete breakdowns by us that we just can’t all to happen."

Devin Hester: Signing Donovan McNabb would be "a waste of time" | ProFootballTalk

Mistakes abound as Redskins lead Jets at the half | ProFootballTalk

Redskins Pre-Game Hype Walk Lacks Hype | NBC Washington
Clearly the Redskins are suffering from an excitement deficiency.

Ten observations: Jets 34, Redskins 19 | John Keim
Keim: I know Kyle Shanahan gets blamed for a lot when the offense doesn’t work. I like his scheme. The talent isn’t that great. So I can’t pin all the blame on him. Thought his play-calling last week was terrific.

Rick Snider: Sneaking out is a half-baked scheme for Redskins | Rick Snider
Snider: "Two pro athletes failing recreational drug tests is beyond shameful. It's flat out stupid. They're lucky they aren't facing the usual one-year suspension. The union couldn't save them even though it negotiated amnesty for nine other players who tested positive."

Redskins go from soaring to just sore after collapse against Jets | Washington Examiner
Josh Wilson bit on a double move by receiver Santonio Holmes and was beaten for a 30-yard touchdown pass. Safety Oshiomogho Atogwe also was fooled on the play and could not help. Wilson said quarterback Mark Sanchez used a pump fake to make him believe Holmes was running a slant.

Redskins-Jets report | Washington Examiner
Former first-round pick Aaron Maybin, a bust in Buffalo, got his team-leading sixth sack? Maybin took right tackle Jammal Brown upfield, then darted inside and hit quarterback Rex Grossman, who then fumbled. The Jets recovered, leading to a clinching touchdown.

John Riggins, back on air, finding the positives - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Riggo’s media hiatus apparently does not cover his post-game comments on WTOP, which were surprisingly sunny.

Rex Ryan: Jets offensive line pounded the Redskins - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
"I’m gonna tell you what, if I look at these stats and there was no sacks given up, we will have a Victory Monday. [Looks down, smiles.] No sacks. [Room cheers.] All right baby. Hey, great job by the offensive line.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett ices own kicker in loss to Cardinals - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports