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Daily Slop: Redskins at Eagles Media Link Roundup

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Everything is almost in order for NFL Draft | Washington Examiner
But given strength of schedule, No. 4 Cleveland (.516), No. 5 Jacksonville (.529) and No. 6 Tampa Bay (.545) could all slip below Washington in the order with a win in their season finales

Three To Focus On: Redskins @ Eagles, Week 17 |
It doesn’t appear injured Asante Samuel will play this week, which bodes well for Grossman since Samuel is by far Philadelphia’s highest-graded coverage player (+9.6 coverage) while the man replacing him, Cromartie, is the worst-graded (-6.9).

Kyle Shanahan says Redskins in need of a franchise quarterback - The Insider - The Washington Post
"You don’t need a guy that’s experienced with your system," said Kyle Shanahan. "When [Matt] Schaub came into Houston in his first year, he played at a very high level. I don’t think it’s a system that takes a long time to learn. You can get better at it, but everyone in the league runs similar plays. You’re going to run what they’re good at and the better they are, the more you keep doing it."

Expert's Take: Redskins-Eagles | John Keim | NFL | Washington Examiner
"They were a team that probably needed OTAs and minicamps to assimilate and figure out what guys could and could not do and instead they had to do it on the fly." (This is a great read...Charlies Davis breaks down Eagles really well).

Washington Redskins' Defense Takes A Major Step Forward In 2011 - SB Nation DC
Shiferaw: Despite another losing season, the Washington Redskins made major strides on defense in 2011.

No progress on Roy Helu’s injuries - The Insider - The Washington Post
Roy Helu missed a second straight day of practice with knee and toe injuries, according to the team’s injury report. The rookie, who missed last week’s game, has not made much progress since then, said Coach Mike Shanahan

Wait ‘til next year--again - The Insider - The Washington Post
"I’ve been here 3-1/2 years and it’s always been ‘hopefully next year,’ so it’s definitely tiring. Hopefully that won’t be the case next year," Hall said

Andy Reid sees improvement in Mike Shanahan’s squad - The Insider
"They understand what he’s asking from a football standpoint, schematically, and then I think they understand his discipline," said Reid,

Redskins at Eagles: 5 Questions - Washington Times
Will Rex Grossman make it a perfect 13-for-13? He has turned the ball over in each of his 12 starts this season. Will he make it a baker’s dozen? It’d be ironic if he didn’t, considering his four interceptions in the first meeting with Philadelphia got him benched in favor of John Beck.

Philadelphia Eagles' Juan Castillo not worried about future with team - ESPN
Juan Castillo's eyes got red and watery and his voice quivered slightly when he was asked if he ever lost confidence in himself during his struggles as a first-time defensive coordinator.

Cakes’ Takes: Redskins Resolutions for 2012 " CBS Washington
Cut ties with Rex and Beck – I don’t care that "Rex is the only guy on the planet that knows the Shanahan’s uber-complicated offense." He needs to take his turnover-prone skill set and tiny hands to another NFL team this off-season.

Redskins-Eagles: 4 Keys To the Game
Mobile quarterbacks have given the Redskins fits this season.

The Redskins Blog | Redskins Madden ’12 Week 17 Updates
The changes in player ratings summarized here...which is how Ken evaluates our Redskins roster for real.

The Redskins Blog | Alexander Given ‘Media Good Guy Award’
The award is given to the player that best helps the media do their job of covering the team, even in (and especially in) times of losing and disappointment. While there was very little locker room drama this year, losing made it difficult to face reporters.

Brandon Banks says he’s been just above average - The Insider - The Washington Post
"I don’t want to say I’m desperate, but hey, it is what it is. I want to go out and at least have a touchdown that counted this season, so I’m going to try hard," the 5-foot-7, 155-pound Banks says, grinning and shaking his head.

Eagles-Redskins scouting report | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/29/2011
Michael Vick has thrown at least one interception in nine of his 12 starts this season. In his last five starts, he's completed only 54.5 percent of his attempts and thrown four TD passes and five interceptions.

Vick will lead Eagles to a win over Redskins | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/29/2011
Coming back for the Miami game, Vick has used his arms and legs to lead the Birds to three straight wins, and not just ordinary wins. The Eagles have outscored the last three opponents by 91-36, or an average of more than 18 points.

Eagles-Redskins: The pick | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/29/2011
I think the team believes going 5-1 in the NFC East would be an accomplishment, even if the fan base disagrees.

Eagles Notes: Three Eagles free agents that didn't work out | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/30/2011
They were both former Pro Bowl players, but for whatever the reason Vince Young, Ronnie Brown, and Steve Smith settled for one-year contracts this season.

The Best Sports Faces of 2011 - SportsPickle Picture Gallery
Hilarious collection of photos. Shanahan made it in.

Sunday is probably Anthony Spencer’s last regular season game as a Dallas Cowboy – Blogging the bEast

GM -- Allen Wranglers 'close' to deal with Terrell Owens - ESPN Dallas
Terrell Owens is close to agreeing to a six-figure contract with a partial ownership stake to play with the Allen Wranglers in suburban Dallas, according to Wranglers general manager Drew Pearson.

Report: Stevie Johnson wants $7.5 million per year | ProFootballTalk
As Bills receiver Stevie Johnson approaches the final 60 minutes of his rookie contract, the question of whether he'll remain with the team soon will become an even hotter topic in one of the league's coldest climates.

LaDainian Tomlinson: This could be my last game | ProFootballTalk
"For me, it just depends on the situation. I’ve said that before. I would love to keep playing, but if the situation is not right, then I won’t. This possibly could be my last game."

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bet $1 Million Against Tim Tebow

Lockout, Packers, Drew Brees among top 10 NFL stories of 2011 - Don Banks -