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Video of Kyle Shanahan Demonstrating QB Footwork

Former Ravens' coach Brian Billick recently visited fellow offensive mastermind Kyle Shanahan to learn about quarterback footwork. Rex Grossman and John Beck were not present, but its been confirmed that John Beck has watched this video 783 times on YouTube and now believes he deserves another shot at the starting job. Others in attendance included Ken Meringolo in a trench coach and Mike Shanahan in the distant background yelling, "KYLE! YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!". There was also a small remote control helicopter that flew over the facility with a glittery "Twilight" sticker on it.

Video: Coach Speak: Five-step drop

Two things are clear to me... 1) Kyle is the next Tom Emanski (maybe Rex could be the next Fred McGriff)... 2) Our quarterbacks don't listen to Kyle. I can only hope Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, or Ryan Tannehill catch on to this video. It would really be beneficial to bring in a quarterback that could hit the ground running.