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Redskins Loss to Vikings Is a Good Time to Air My Festivus Grievances

The Rolls Royster.
The Rolls Royster.

If I had told you before the game both Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson would get knocked out, would you have bet the Redskins? Maybe? Probably. The Redskins' offense had their standard two turnovers and for the second year in a row vs the Vikings, Brandon Banks had a touchdown called back.

It really is amazing that the Redskins can hang with the Pats and smoke a team like the Giants, on the road, and then lay a complete egg versus a 2-12 team. Surely we're used to this by now after all the losses to the Lions and Rams over the years, but this was a tough one to watch. The Redskins finished with a home record of 2-6 this season. Who wants some club level tickets?

Evan Royster had a solid game running for 132 yards on 19 carries. The Vikings, however, had 389 yards total offense and were 4-6 in the red zone. I don't think that qualifies for a "bend don't break" defense. For those that think this Redskins defense will be a top 10 D next year, there's a lot of work to be done, especially with the safeties. The missed tackles are so infuriating. In addition, how often do we see Redskins corners 1-1 with a WR on deep routes with no help? Why is Josh Wilson 1-1 with Percy Harvin deep? Is that our defensive scheme or did a safety miss his assignment? The Vikings should have run the option every play. The Redskins never had anyone to take the QB.

SERENITY NOW. OK, I'm done with the Festivus airing of grievances. Happy Holidays to everyone. Oh, and kudos to Dan Steinberg for capturing Brian Mitchell's Redskins Holiday Wish List.