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The Price Tag For Andrew Luck Just Went Up

Matt Barkley is--for the moment--choosing a run at the Heisman and a national championship over the NFL. Part of me wants to think he is taking a page out Matt Kalil's playbook. You know...announce you are coming back to school for your senior year in the hopes that the USC co-eds will lavish their...appreciation on you for a week or two and then bolt for the NFL.

From what I understand about the landscape of is a VERY worthy strategy. In case anyone cares...I am also thinking of returning to USC next fall.

Well, looks like Bruce Allen better start working with Dave Hester, because if the Redskins are at all serious about making a run at Andrew Luck, he is going to need his, "YYYEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP!" ready to go. Barkley was going to be a nice consolation prize for the team that lost out in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Without that fallback option, more teams are going to be more aggressive about trying to trade for Andrew Luck.

As you all know, I have been pushing hard for an offensive tackle in the first round. With one less top shelf quarterback on the market, it makes even more sense to stand pat and take the best lineman available. Of course, taking the best player available is also a good strategy but I will keep banging the offensive tackle drum for the time being.