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Round Table: Setting Expectations for Jarvis Jenkins in 2012

Welcome to the first of what I hope is a series of posts by the writers here at Hogs Haven. Bear in mind this is only a rough idea of how we want this post to work and we are open to suggestions on how to improve or add to it should you guys enjoy it. The concept behind it is to basically look at a player (probably will just be rookies for the time being), grade him on certain aspects of his position and then all of us will say our piece on him. So without further delay, lets kick things off with Jarvis Jenkins.

Parks: Jarvis Jenkins looked to be a promising rookie for the Redskins defensive line rotation this preseason. Jenkins performed admirably picking up the starts in the Colts and the Ravens game before tearing his ACL. One thing that had Redskins' fans salivating was Jenkins apparent versatility to potentially play both the three and five technique. That versatility was never really displayed during the preseason, but was thought to be in Haslett's long-term arsenal. Jenkins' legend has kind of grown over the course of the season, he certainly had a solid preseason but it seems as if some fans are expecting him to be a plug and play pro bowler next year. It's important to remember that Jenkins is still in the infancy of his career and he will likely have growing pains as we get into 2012. With that being said, it will still be great to see Jarvis on the field.

2012 Stats/Expectations: 11 tackles, 2 sack, and a forced fumble for me. Very similar to the type of year Cameron Heyward is having in Pittsburgh.

Ken: If and when this man fully recovers from his injuries, the Redskins will have something we haven't had in a long time - an overweight guy named JJ in the middle of the defensive line. If you were a running back, would you want to run up the middle where a fat guy named JJ was chilling? I don't think so. It is a fun name to chant after a sack and it is a great name to wax poetic about in the parking lot before games over a keg of beer. 'Let me tell you something about JJ...JJ does not give a f#@k. He would run over his own momma to get to the quarterback. JJ balls...(sips beer)...JJ Balls.

2012 Stats/Expectations: 15 tackles for loss, 4 sacks.

Steveo: Jarvis Jenkins was a surprise pick to many, as he was overshadowed while at Clemson. While not the penetrator normally associated with defensive tackles, he is the type of player who fits perfectly in the 3-4. Jenkins has no problem taking on two blockers, and opening up chances for his teammates. He's versatile enough to play basically anywhere along the defensive line, and has all the tools to be a very good player. Jenkins has a quick first step, which causes initial push, he also has a good anchor which keeps him from being pushed back. Jenkins was the star among rookies during training camp and preseason, and could have a very bright future ahead of him. His ACL injury will likely force the Redskins to limit his work next season, but he should still have ample opportunity to make up for lost time.

2012 Stats/Expectations: 16 games, 10 starts, 35 tackles, 18 tackles for a loss and 4.5 sacks

UkRedskin: Jenkins was a slightly surprising pick in the second round (41st overall) but reports throughout training camp were very positive. In preseason Jenkins put in some very promising performances before he went down with a season-ending knee injury that landed him on IR. He flashed the ability to penetrate an offensive line in the run game and get pressure up the middle on passing downs. He does need to be weary of his gap responsibility, there were a few times I noticed he'd just burst through the offensive line but left a big hole behind him for the runner to run into. It's thought Jenkins could rotate time between nose tackle and defensive end and looks to be a very valuable asset going into the 2012 season providing he can overcome his knee injury.

2012 Stats/Expectations: Not really a stats guy. But I expect him to push Carriker (very underrated) and Bowen hard for the starting spot by mid-season. His play will reflect in sacks for Orakpo/Kerrigan.

Tiller: I was disappointed when we used our 2nd round pick on a "tweener" defensive linemen. I was hoping for a true nose tackle later in the draft, and although I heard Jenkins had the versatility to play either DE or NT, I was not sold. I will say this; I had to do my homework on the guy after the draft, because I knew very little about him, but what I found out surprised me. I saw a very powerful, yet quick-footed defensive linemen, who ate up double teams, and was versatile enough to even line up at defensive end in Clemson's 4-3. I saw a kid who used his hands to shed blocks, and I saw a motor that never seemed to stop running.

These attributes seemed to transulate very well to our defensive scheme in training camp and the preseason, before injury took his rookie year away. Reports from camp had him abusing our offensive linemen on a daily basis(not that that's hard to do), and not many could have expected this out of a rookie.
I expect big things from Jenkins in 2012, as long as he comes back healthy, and regains his old form. I love the fact Hasslett can use him at nose tackle in the 0 technique or kick him out to a 5 technique defensive end, and I think it's this varsality, combined with and outstanding work ethic, and all the physical tools a coach could look for, that will set him up for future success with our organization.

2012 Stats/Expectations: Spot starter/rotational player early, full-time starter by midway point of season. 15 games played, 7 starts. 40 tackles, 4 sacks.
Kevin: I don't know what to make of Jarvis Jenkins. It's clear the kid can play at this level, but ACL injuries have ruined NFL defensive lineman's careers in the past. The Eagles' first round pick in 2010, DE Brandon Graham, tore his ACL Dec.12th, 2010, and has never been the same. He has suited for three games this year but really saw no action. Andy Reid is thinking about shutting him down for the year. In 2009, Jets NT Kris Jenkins tore his ACL week 6, and after coming back in 2010, he tore his ACL again after only 6 plays. Kris Jenkins is arguably a bit different being 30+ years old. Titans first round pick in 2010, DE Derrick Morgan, tore his ACL his rookie year, Morgan has played in every game this season (except for week 1), but didn't start until week 8 and his numbers are very underwhelming (27 tackles, 3.5 sacks). It's definitely a bonus that Jarvis has the maximum amount of time to heal, but I don't think we should be inking him in our starting lineup any time soon.

2012 Stats/Expectations: 16 games, 30 tackles, 3 sacks. (Key stat for me is getting through the year healthy)
In future posts, we'll finish by adding up all our grades for the player in each category we grade them in. But we all agreed that preseason wasn't enough to give him a solid grade so far. But to show you the format, it would look something like this:

Run Support Grade: TBD (To Be Determined)
Pass Rush Grade: TBD
Overall Grade: TBD but promising potential

Thanks to Ken, Kevin, Parks, Steveo and Tiller for their input.