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Who Wants to Hear Vinny Cerrato Rapping?

OK, raise your hand if you had "Vinny Cerrato Rap CD" on your Christmas Wish List!! Luckily this clip only last 36 seconds, but it's well, definitely Vinny. After the host, Rob Long, dons Cerrato with his street name, "Vinny Boombox," the beat for Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" kicks in (OK fine, Queen's 'Under Pressure'). Cerrato then begins spittin lyrics.

And what rapper doesn't botch the first line of lyrics, correct himself, and then continue. The best/worst part of this clip is the trademark Vinny laugh cackle at the end. Sadly, Mike Wise and Vinny Cerrato's voices are indistinguishable. Enjoy!

[Soundtrack via CBS Baltimore]