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Redskins Top 5 Defensive Plays vs NY Giants

UKRedskin was unable to record the Redskins game this past week, so yours truly will be filling in this week. I know I can't compare to his screenshot breakdowns, so I plan on keeping this very simple (much like how St. Megan has to lay out Ken Meringolo's work clothes every morning).

  1. OJ Atogwe's diving interception on London Fletcher's deflection. This was the Giants second play from scrimmage after Grossman's TD pass to Tana.
  2. DeAngelo Hall's interception and 26-yard return on Eli's deep pass to Hakeem Nicks. This was the Giants opening drive out of the half.
  3. Josh Wilson's redzone interception on Eli Manning. This was the Giants first drive of the 4th quarter after Gano's FG to make it 23-3.
  4. Ryan Kerrigan's sack on 4th and 12 in our own redzone. There was 9:00 minutes left in the game at this point.
  5. Redskins offense - Redskins had the ball a whopping 35:00 minutes and their 8-15 third down efficiency kept our defense off the field for long stretches. Redskins had 8 rushing first downs and 9 passing first downs.