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Daily Slop: Giants Still Reeling; Cooley Downplays Draft and RGIII Hype

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The Redskins Blog | Banged Up Helu Shows Team True Grit
Helu on his black eye: "Yeah, I took a little bit of hit on my way down," he said with a sly smile. "But if you think this is bad, you should see the other guy."

Cooley: Don’t Get Caught In The NFL Draft Hype " CBS Washington
"You don’t know how he (Griffin III) would fit in with this team," Cooley said, "It could come back to say you should have did this and he is a great player now so you’re fired. But it could be the same on the other way. You could get caught up in the hype, draft a guy like him and he doesn’t play well then you get fired the same way."

Mike Shanahan: ‘I know we will win’ - DC Sports Bog
"But you have to be patient, you have to believe in what you do. And I believe in what we’re doing. I’ve done it for a long time. We’ve got the nucleus of an excellent football team. We’re not there yet. But I like the direction we’re going. nd I’ll be honest with you, I love [Kyle] being the offensive coordinator, because he does know what he’s doing, and I’ve been around a lot of people in that business that don’t."

Rex Grossman on Antrel Rolle and the Redskins - DC Sports Bog
"I mean, 99 out of 100 times they’re gonna beat us? And we beat ‘em two in a row this year? So I’m not going to the casino with him any time soon."

Re-Focused: Redskins @ Giants, Week 15 |
Willlie Smith (-4.3) and Tyler Polumbus (-8.8) were both struggling all day long, even if they did manage to avoid being beaten for a sack. The pair were beaten for four of the five hits of Grossman on the day, but their pass protection was actually the better part of their game

Sources -- New England Patriots Andre Carter finished for season - ESPN Boston
Carter's agent told ESPN's Josina Anderson that Carter is expected to undergo surgery for a "quad-related injury"

The Redskins Blog | Redskins Players Serve Slice Of Happiness

The Redskins Blog | Give Blood, Get Free Redskins Tickets!
The Red Cross and the Redskins are hosting a blood drive at Life Time Fitness in Centreville, Va. on Wed., Dec. 21st from 9 a.m.– 4 p.m.

Redskins’ practice schedule modified for shortened week - The Insider - The Washington Post
Shanny: "We will try to get the same repetitions in. The same preparation, they just have a day less recovery time."

Roy Helu played injured against Giants - The Insider - The Washington Post
"I didn’t realize until looking at the film that he played hurt and didn’t play as good as he normally plays, looking at that film," Shanahan said.

Mike Shanahan: Rex Grossman not entirely to blame for flea-flicker pick - The Insider - The Washington Post
"On that flea flicker, kind of wanted Santana to hold a little bit longer, kind of hang in there and fake a little bit longer," Shanahan said. "We took off a little too easy, and even though he was open, we would have had to throw that ball 65 yards into the wind. So the timing wasn’t quite there. They did bite. But there’s a progression you go through. Do you throw it away? It’s a learning experience."

Josh Wilson suffers head injury - The Insider - The Washington Post
Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said the cornerback suffered a blow to the head late in Sunday’s 23-10 win over the New York Giants and experienced some dizziness thereafter.

DeAngelo Hall finally addresses Patriots game - The Insider - The Washington Post
This is a great exchange between Dan Hellie (NBC4) and DHall on the poor tackling effort on Gronkowski.

Ryan Kerrigan increases team-leading sack tally - The Insider - The Washington Post
Kerrigan now leads the Redskins with 7.5 sacks

Giants’ Antrel Rolle blasts teammates for not practicing - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
It's fun to watch this guy tear his team apart week in and out.

David Elfin On Sports: Skins Secondary Fires Back " CBS Washington
"This is a team of character," said Atgowe. "We might be down and out of it, but we still gotta something to play for. We’re building something that will last longer than just this season. We’re building something for the future and it starts with games like these."

Kyle Shanahan Has Redskins Offense on Rebound | NBC4 Washington
"Like we talked about from the beginning, you like to have that balanced offense," said Mike Shanahan. "It starts with the running game and, once that running game gets going, it sets up the play-action pass and you control the tempo of the game -- all of the different factors that we talked about that lead to a successful football team."

What If the Redskins Just Made Their Field Goals Against Dallas? | Mr. Irrelevant
Let’s just pretend he makes those kicks, or at least two of those kicks, and all else remains equal. Here’s what the NFC East standings would look like:
1. Redskins (7-7 with the head-to-head tiebreaker over New York)
2. Giants (7-7)
3. Eagles (6-8 with the head-to head tiebreaker over Dallas)
4. Cowboys (6-8)

Jabar Gaffney’s Twitter Faux Pas #2 | Fatpickled

Redskins are sticking to the plan | Washington Examiner
"I thanked the guys for the way they played," Redskins nose tackle Barry Cofield said. "I also told them it's sad to think if we could have played this way more often where we would be."

What we learned about the Redskins in Week 15 | Washington Examiner
The Redskins lack a big-time playmaker at receiver

Rick Snider: Here's the deal: The way for Redskins to draft a QB is via trade
For the Redskins, the price is never too high to get a franchise passer.

Deion Sanders To Tony Romo: "Who Gets In Your Butt?"
He was just trying to see if Romo has anyone willing to challenge him in the way Tom Brady was, but Sanders definitely could have worded his question a bit better. [h/t to Jackie A.]

Ex-Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce reminds former team it's time to stand tall together |
Pierce: "When I listen to the Giants, I don’t hear that. I hear ‘me’ and ‘I.’ I don’t hear ‘us’ or ‘we.’ You can talk about team, but until you use those words, you can’t be (a team)."

Tom Coughlin takes shot at Antrel Rolle for CB's public criticism of teammates - NY Daily News
"I’m sure there’s frustration there," Coughlin said Monday. "I don’t think that’s the mechanism by which you express your frustration." Videos: Can we interest you in more dog-riding monkeys?

Tailgate Recipe: Beer Cheese Dip " CBS Washington
Love beer? Adore cheese? Then this flavorful dip is for you.

Jerry Jones on Sam Hurd: "We are very thorough" | ProFootballTalk
"I do have first-hand input to know how the league does it and what we do as a team. This doesn’t make me wonder about our thoroughness."

Report: De Smith could leave NFLPA if denied $1 million bonus | ProFootballTalk
Things are getting ugly between the NFLPA and its executive director, DeMaurice Smith