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For Two Years Joe Bugel Thought Chris Cooley's Name Was "Archie"

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Ken and I had the luxury of attending a NFLPA event last night sponsored by SB Nation hosted at the NFLPA headquarters in downtown DC. After listening to DeMaurice Smith recap all the negotiations with Roger Goodell, and winning his key points (pensions, legacy fund, proper revenue splits), several members of the media and Chris Cooley got up to talk about social media, specifically the use of Twitter among athletes. The media panel included SB Nation's Andrew Sharp, Shutdown Corner's Chris Chase, and Washinton Post The Early Lead Editor, Cindy Boren.

Right as the event was winding down we got to talk to Cooley and ask him the following 4 questions:

  1. Who would win in a matchup, this current Redskins team or the best team in Gibbs second tenure?
  2. If you're starting your own NFL franchise, who would you pick as a Head Coach, Jim Zorn or Steve Spurrier?
  3. If Christy Cooley decided to leave you, would you rather it be with Jabar Gaffney or Tim Tebow?
  4. Give us your best Mike Shanahan, Joe Gibbs, Joe Bugel impersonation.
The funny answer that came out of number 4 is that for two years Joe Bugel thought Cooley's name was "Archie." Classic. I plan on using "Archie" from here on out, so get accustomed to that. It's not hard to see why Bugel would think that when you look back at Cooley's rookie pictures here and here.