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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. As a prognosticator of Redskins games, I have correctly predicted close to 100% of our wins over the last few seasons (nobody had us winning that Philly game on the road in Jim Zorn's first year). Sure, I almost always predict a win, but Vegas is always telling me there's a chance. (What was all that one-in-a-million talk?) This win was a bit easier to see coming, not because I thought the Giants weren't going to show up--which they didn't--but because our offense has seemed to play better and better and the New York team has quietly been extremely mediocre. In short, the Giants were ripe for the picking by a team with nothing else to play for except pride. Make no mistake about it--the Giants should feel embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed of their performance. They laid an egg that could cost them a playoff chance and they did it against a divisional rival, at home, in December and with first place on the line. You know who the most confident fans were yesterday at 12:59 PM EST? New York Giants fans. Patriots fans were rightfully concerned about Denver and even Green Bay fans knew that a team like Kansas City could be very dangerous. But nobody felt more cocky than Giants fans...and why wouldn't they? They had won nine of eleven against us. They had first place in their sights and only the Redskins in their path. What could go wrong? Hahahaha...

2. If you watched any of the Tampa Bay/Dallas game, you saw a good example of a team (Buccaneers) with players that have stopped caring. Unfortunately, we have seen that ourselves over the years, but we have not seen it under Mike Shanahan. Every Sunday, it is like we are watching a group of guys that think they are still very much alive for postseason qualification. Our offense has played hard and gotten better, but it is our defense that has played with a fire not generally seen by teams playing out the string. Our defensive linemen stuck their noses in to stop the run and our secondary stepped up to create a few huge turnovers. It didn't hurt that Hakeem Nicks seemed to have a wad of cash on the Redskins. Win or lose, it is this kind of competitive spirit and fight that will benefit us greatly in 2012.

3. There was something about Rex getting that interception off on the first throw that made me actually feel pretty good. It was as cleansing as it was predictable. It was like he was trying to get it out of the way so he could move on to the business of Rexifying New York. I can honestly say I was unfazed by that first interception. What made me nervous throughout the game were his pitches to the running back. Was it just me or were those pitches as nerve-wracking as some of his deep balls? Has anyone ever thrown an interception when attempting a backwards pitch to the tailback?

4. There is a disdain that I, as a Redskins fan, reserve only for the Dallas Cowgirls. But there is something about watching Tom Coughlin's face contort and wince as he realizes he is getting beaten by a team that he has no business losing to that I especially relish. Between that and watching the wheels come off of the Eli Manning bus, there was no shortage of joys that Redskins fans relished in yesterday. I know some people think that taking pleasure in the demise of others is a little twisted, but that is how it goes in the NFC East.

5. A lot can happen in the next week or two, but there still exists the possibility that on the last day of the season, the Eagles will have to beat us to make the playoffs. As far as Super Bowls-that-aren't-Super Bowls go, that would be huge for the Redskins. I want that game.

6. I know he didn't have a huge game necessarily, but I have very high hopes for Niles Paul next year. Against the Giants, he had one carry for seven yards. He didn't necessarily do much on Sunday to cause me to have such high expectations all of a sudden. But every week, watching his effort on special teams and then getting to see how strong he is with the football in his hands makes me think that after a full offseason program, his role in our offense could be significantly increased. I believe ten of our twelve draft picks have been on the field as of late contributing. Some have been pressed into service because of injuries, while some are getting playing time thanks to the position the team finds itself in. We have to remember, these guys got next to no offseason last year. The experience they are getting now combined with an offseason of studying and developing could result in a huge leap forward for a significant portion of our roster.