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RG2 Begins Interviewing Agents

Yahoo's Jason Cole is reporting that recent Heisman winner Robert Griffin III's parents have begun interviewing agents:

Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Robert Griffin III is having his parents interview agents with the strong likelihood he will declare himself eligible for the NFL draft, two sources said this week.

No one has been sure that Griffin would come out for this April's draft. Some have speculated that he would be more inclined to stay at Baylor, start his doctorate, and attempt to qualify to become a member of the United States' track and field team in next summer's Olympic games in London.

Griffin would likely be on the Redskins first round short list in April. Cole had one scout describe Griffin:

"You hear it a lot of places, but he’s a miniature Cam Newton," one scout said. "He’s a quarterback with the ability to run for 40 yards even when he’s not looking to run. … His intangibles are off the charts, really smart, great family, the whole thing."

The only issues that seem to still be surrounding Griffin is his size.