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Previewing Redskins at Giants Game with Big Blue View


It's that time for the weekly Q&A. Up this week is Ed Valentine from SB Nation's Giants website, Big Blue View.

1.) The Giants D is obviously a sore spot. What quick fixes can they make this year to right that ship and make a legit playoff push? (or are you going the Patriots route?)

Ed: Well, if you have been reading Big Blue View all week you know that the biggest issue has been communication, especially in the secondary. I don't know if it is defensive coordinator Perry Fewell's fault or what, but too many big plays are happening because some guys are getting the calls and some aren't. The other thing that would make a huge difference, but isn't going to happen, is for Justin Tuck to be healthy. He's played much of the season with one arm due to neck/shoulder issues, had a groin injury, an ankle injury and now will try to play Sunday on basically one foot due to a toe injury.

2.) If you were Jim Haslett game planning against the Giants' offense, what schemes would you use to confuse Eli and what personnel would you attack as weak links?

Eli has been magnificent this season. He is among the best in the business at pre-snap stuff and my guess is whatever Haslett tosses up there he will figure out. I would say the best thing you can do is try to pressure him, but Dallas was blitz-crazy last week and Manning lit them up w/subtle movement, getting the ball out quickly and making great reads.

3.) I don't know much about the Giants Special has the FG, punting, and coverage units been so far this year? (I'm guessing your not missing Matt Dodge)

Lawrence Tynes is having a spectacular year on field goals and kickoffs -- he has really been helped by the rule change moving up the kickoff. Steve Weatherford is having a really good year punting the ball and is a huge upgrade there. The coverage teams have been fine. The issue for the Giants has been in the return game, on both punts and kickoffs. They just haven't generated any big plays in that area.

4.) Of the Redskins 12 draft picks last year, which one would you want most on the Giants?

Roy Helu, I think. I would say Ryan Kerrigan, but I'm not sure he fits the 4-3. The Giants need a long-term answer at running back. Brandon Jacobs has run well of late, but I think his time in New York may be drawing to a close. Between his always-injured feet and ankles, and some recent issues with his attitude, I don't think Ahmad Bradshaw has a long shelf life, either.

5.) Redskins have played a lot of good team close...what's your prediction for the game and why?

The Giants have played, and won, close games all season. This game is too important to the Giants, and too many good things have happened, for them to falter here. If this is close the Giants find a way to win it at the end. I think, though, that the Giants FINALLY play a complete game in all phases here. Giants 34, Redskins 17

I can't argue with that score. I don't see how the Redskins cover the 7 point spread this week. We simply never play well at New York. I'm biased a bit since I attended the last two games and the Redskins got run over, literally. At least Giants fans were nice enough to buy me beers since we sucked so bad.