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Wednesday's Filed: Quarterback or Stud Offensive Tackle?

Soooooo...yesterday's Ten Yard Fight comments section really blew up. That sure escalated quickly, eh? At one point, I recall arguing over the formula the NFL uses to determine how they dole out compensatory picks--even though nobody knows that formula, including the NFL. I am pretty sure David Stern invented the concept, though. If I had to bet, I would even suggest he is somehow involved in which teams get the best compensatory picks. We are all dumber for my ramblings (as usual).

One thing we debate endlessly here is how the Redskins should handle their top draft pick next season. On one hand, we need a dominant quarterback-of-the-future to come in and whisk us all away on his noble steed. (Those are Parks' words, not him, everything good ends up with some dude whisking him away on a noble steed.)

On the other hand, our offensive line is an injury and a bong hit away from being as bad as we have ever seen it.

My expectation is that this poll will result in a wildly overwhelming majority win for "quarterback." Having read some of the running commentary though lately, I think there is a real undercurrent of support for bringing in a top-notch offensive tackle. In a perfect world, the Redskins would somehow wrangle an extra first round pick in this draft to get both a quarterback and an offensive lineman.

But today, you have to choose one over the other. While I reserve the right to change my mind, I'll lead us off with...offensive tackle. And yes, I do consider it to be a slightly gutless pick even though it is a major need for this team. The truth is that if we don't draft in the top three, teams can and probably will trade past us to get one of the top three quarterbacks. After we whoop up on the Giants this week, we will likely secure a draft spot outside of the top five. Therefore, I will stand pat and take the best tackle prospect on the board, and pray that an Andy Dalton type is available when we draft in the second round.

For the purpose of this poll, there is no trading back and the decision is only between these two positions. So, have an opinion on where you think we will be drafting and decide whether it is in a spot where we take the best quarterback available or a stud tackle.