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Why RG3 Won't Be Shanahan's Choice

It's hard not to like Robert Griffin III. He's a phenomenal player, fun to watch, has a great personality, has awesome socks, and looks exactly like Andre "Ice Cold" 3000 (not sure how his nickname isn't "3 Stacks yet?); but he's not the right fit for this Redskins franchise. I understand people who can sit and watch the QB prospects beyond Andrew Luck and immediately point to Griffin as your choice, but Skins fans need to keep one thing in mind: our coach. Our quarterback isn't necessarily going to be chosen based on who is the best quarterback in the bunch, but rather who is the best quarterback for this system.

If you ask any Redskins fan if they would like to have Cam Newton then I'm sure they would scream "YES!". But in my opinion Cam would not have the same results in Washington that he has had in Charlotte. Coaches like Ron Rivera and John Fox have intelligently tailored their offensive game plans to fit to the strengths of quarterbacks like Cam Newton and Tim Tebow. This method has obviously been very successful in terms of production, but it is an adjustment that Mike Shanahan will never consider making.

Where Ron Rivera sees Newton as a puzzle piece in the center that he can attach other pieces to, Shanahan sees his quarterback as the final piece in a puzzle that has been sitting in a dusty attic for years. This is why RG3 wouldn't fit here. He has the ability to be a tremendous NFL quarterback, but whatever NFL team he goes to the coach is going to have to make a predetermined decision that the offense will be molded and shaped to suit Griffin's unique talent set. Truthfully, it doesn't matter which quarterback we "like better" but rather what quarterback Shanahan will sit down, watch, and say "this guy fits our puzzle". When the seasons over and Shanny starts his evaluation, I think that guy will be Southern California's Matt Barkley. Shanny wants your more traditional "pro style" quarterback, not a spread-option, "pistol", "new wave" quarterback.