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Redskins Drop the Ball...Literally.

I'll avoid the obvious Carlos Rogers joke.
I'll avoid the obvious Carlos Rogers joke.

For those that attended the Redskins Patriots game yesterday, it was a brutal game to deal with emotionally, and I don't mean from play on the field. Patriots fans absolutely dominated Fedex Field. I've never considered Patriots fans to be obnoxious, but they were everything including that and more. Shoving Tom Brady jeers in my face and waving their Red Sox hats like they were Powerball winners. That's great ass-clown. We're putting up 27 points on your poopy defense with Rex Grossman and our backup offense.

The most disturbing fan of the game was the guy one section over from me in an Orakpo jersey and Red Sox hat. Ooooo-k. Moving along, the absolute highlight of my day is I'm waiting inline at Johnny Rockets when I see a Fedex Field worker kid, no more than 16 years old, this spinly white kid, slowly pushing an empty flatbed cart (like you get at Costco) through the crowded lines directly in front of me. At that exact moment, this 6'4, 50-year old bloke wearing insignia Boston clothes, which surely cost more than three of my paychecks combined, and carrying a heaping Johnny Rockets tray that would surely make Dan Snyder smile, walk shin right into it. "FAAACK!!!" He catches himself and in a full, thick, Boston accent with a stare at the kid that would intimidate most, "Whaat the faaack es this doin heyrrr?!!? Faack!!!" Ken, my two friends, and I all hold our faces and look at the kid who absolutely BUSTS out laughing. The old guy fires back, "Ya theenk this es fackin funny do ya????!!!" steam blowing out of his ears. I almost drop to a knee I'm laughing so hard and the kid without missing a beat continues to push the cart right past the guy still dying laughing. Behind me I hear "Faaack!!!" yells slowly fade as he returns back to his portal. Ah, the little things.

As for the game...

  • Santana, you're breaking my heart. I still have not gotten over the dropped ball at Dallas last year. For those that don't recall, Redskins were down 3 very late in the game and Moss does a deep inside cut slant at mid field where the defender fell down. Grossman throws a great ball in stride and Moss has two hands on the ball at knee level with no one in front of him. Dropped. Next play Redskins turn the ball over on downs. Fast forward to yesterday. On the two yard line and pictured to the right, Santana, again, drops it. Ball game.
  • I hate, repeat hate, when coaches mention penalties in post-game pressers, but I hope Shanahan verbally bends the NFL over a table in the next twenty four hours. That roughing call against Brady was an absolute sham. I don't know if they showed it on TV, but London Fletcher went ballistic. Players were holding him back from the referee, and for once, I think I may have been OK if London Fletcher Rudy Tomjanovich'd him. It certainly would have released a lot of my built up anger. Ah, but the children. The children!! London, class act, our leader, let his players pull him away. Oh, and what did Tom Brady say about the hit? "I thought it was a really clean play by him. I think we're pretty fortunate we got the call." Thank you Tim Donaghy NFL.
  • The phantom "offensive pass interference" call on Moss' TD. I know CBS didn't show a replay but Fedex Field did. Moss was WIDE OPEN on the play. So, he clearly didn't push off. To make matters worse, I recall the flag being thrown when the ball was in the air to Moss. So, where was the pass interference? Moss said it came from him attacking the defender within the 5-yards of the line of scrimmage when contact is allowed, which is also a bad call. WTF.
  • As I'm leaving a very loud "F*CK THE RED SOX" chant erupted on the portal. Thank you Redskins fans, Thank You.