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Are Any Redskins Starting Today in Any Fantasy Leagues?

  • The Redskins defense has been a bright spot this year, but starting them against the Patriots is probably not your best option, especially in leagues like Ken where points and yards against net you negative points. Redskins rank 27th in INTs with 8.
  • Anyone on Offense. With Trent Williams and Fred Davis out, how can any General Manager feel good about starting any Redskins player on offense? Roy Helu, maybe? The Skins have the Vikings next week and I don't expect our offense to do much against them either. I'd be doing some Cerrato-esque waiver-wire dumpster diving looking for favorable matchups. (Remember that one year where Kyle Boller subbed in week 16 to throw 4 TDs?? yea, that's how I lost my season. What a sham). Anyway, I was surprised to see only 77% of fantasy teams own Roy Helu.
  • Graham Gano - Ah Golden Graham. Nothing would be more exciting if your fantasy season came down to a Graham Gano extra point. The Fedex Field turf is in horrible condition from the Army Navy game yesterday. Personally, I'd be doing an add/drop this week with another kicker.