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Patriots @ Redskins Media Link Roundup

Redskins secondary braces for Patriots WR Wes Welker - The Insider
Haslett: "He’s a remarkable receiver. Obviously, that’s the go-to guy," Haslett says. "He’s got a lot of catches. He’s got an unbelievable amount of yards. He finds ways to get open. He’s herky-jerky. I mean he’s all over the place. He’s hard to put your hands on. He’s fun to watch if you’re not coaching against him this week, but he is remarkable the way he gets open. He pushes off and he runs routes. He’s probably as good a route-runner as I’ve ever seen. He’s a really good player to watch."

Bill Belichick, Mike Shanahan renew old rivalry with a few new twists -
Shanahan talks about Belichick's similar bend don't break defense.

Redskins, Marines hosting Toys for Tots drive Sunday at FedEx Field - The Insider
The Redskins on Sunday will host their annual Touchdown for Tots Toy Drive at FedEx Field.

Game Preview: Patriots @ Redskins
Rob Gronkowski is tied for the most touchdowns in a season by a tight end with thirteen.
Patriots have never won in D.C. ever for their franchise.

Shanahan: No word on who replaces Trent Williams at left tackle - The Insider - The Washington Post
Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan would not say who would start at left tackle.

Expert's Take: Redskins-Patriots | John Keim | NFL
CBS broadcaster Dan Fouts, a Hall of Fame quarterback, just saw the Redskins a week ago and had a few minutes to share some thoughts on the Redskins and Patriots

Redskins-Patriots Predictions | Mr. Irrelevant
Matt Terl: Patriots, 35-17, I figure Rex Grossman should be able to throw a couple of touchdowns against the Patriots pass defense, especially when he’s playing from behind for the entire game, but he’ll also throw the commensurate number of interceptions to keep the Scales Of Grossman balanced.

Five things to watch today -
"They’ve got a lot of explosive players," Belichick said, "guys that can ruin the game in a hurry in all three phases of the game."