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Redskins Week 10 Power Rankings

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Com 22 22
The Redskins are in a free fall, having lost their past four games. John Beck still does not have a W as a starting quarterback.
Fox-sports_medium 25 24
With Miami and Seattle coming up in the next few weeks, the Redskins might think they have a chance to get back on track. The trouble is, Miami and Seattle are looking at the Redskins and thinking the same thing.
Sb-nation-news-1_medium 22 22 Mike Shanahan isn't happy.
Ovi_cbsports_icon_256x256_comp_v1-46x46_medium 22 22 It's hard to win without much offense. Is there any doubt they will draft a quarterback?
Logo-cnnsi_medium 25 24 People did try to tell the Redskins that they might want to go shopping for another option at quarterback in the offseason. I remember, because it was in all the papers. But nope, said the Shanahans, Washington was set with John Beck and Rex Grossman. You'll see. Well, we've seen all right. Guess which team will be shopping for other options at quarterback next offseason?
Yahoo_meta_logo_large_medium 26 23
Washington hung around against a very good football team. The 'Skins still has no offense right now.
Fspeaklogo-r_small_medium 26
24 The Redskins lost yet again (their 4th loss in a row). Their offense was pretty pathetic up until when the 49ers went into prevent mode at the end of the game. The Redskins inability to block (well anyone), and not having even a real back-up quality QB has sunk this offense to perhaps the lowest it has been since the Heath Shuler days. Two positives of note: 1. The defense held a playoff caliber team to under 20 points. 2. Whether intentional or not, the Redskins are finally playing some of their young guys, giving them experience for the future.
Should be a barn burner in Miami this week!

Hogs Haven Power Rankings After the Jump:

1. Green Bay Packers: Pack are basically on cruise control until their Thanksgiving showdown versus the Lions.
2. Baltimore Ravens:
Ravens pulled off a rare season sweep of their arch-rival, the Steelers
3. San Francisco 49ers:
Man, what an easy route to the playoffs the Niners should have the rest of the way.
4. New Orleans Saints: Regained form against division rival Tampa Bay, now they head for a showdown with Atlanta
5. Detroit Lions: Big game for the Lions in Chicago this weekend.
6. New York Giants: Huge win in New England, the Giants look like they have a firm grip on the NFC East
7. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers powder-puff schedule showed in a loss to Baltimore.
8. New England Patriots: Pats will look to rebound versus the hated Jets this week.
9. Cincinnati Bengals: Big boy football is finally coming to Cincy.
10. Chicago Bears: Big win for the Bears, now they have the Lions and a chance to contend for a second straight division title.
11. Houston Texans
12. New York Jets
13. Atlanta Falcons
14. Buffalo Bills
15. San Diego Chargers
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
17. Oakland Raiders
18. Dallas Cowboys
19. Tennessee Titans
20. Kansas City Chiefs
21. Philadelphia Eagles
22. Jacksonville Jaguars
23. Washington Redskins
24. Cleveland Browns
25. Carolina Panthers
26. Denver Broncos
27. Seattle Seahawks
28. St. Louis Rams
29. Arizona Cardinals
30. Minnesota Vikings
31. Miami Dolphins
32. Indianapolis Colts