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Daily Slop: Cooley Would Draft a QB; Doc Walker Rips Decision to Continue with John Beck


Redskins-49ers film review: Defense - Washington Times
DHall was in on a team-high 12 tackles and appeared to execute his run fits well as well as forced a fumble.

Doc Walker on John Beck - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
"And I’ll tell you what, if he was physically able to run a little bit, I would take Joe Theismann today, today. Because I’ve seen him get hit, where we missed blocks and have done bad things; this dude is just as competitive as hell and he’ll find a way to make something happen. (Joey T is 62 fyi)

If Cooley Was GM, He’d Draft A QB " CBS Washington
"Successful teams build their QB around the draft." (Well, except the Saints and Falcons, but yeah, he's right).

Five questions facing the Redskins | John Keim 
The past two weeks, Davis has finished with a combined 136 yards receiving. But of those yards, 114 have come in the fourth quarter when the Redskins trailed by at least two touchdowns.

The Redskins Blog | Alum Ken Barefoot Still A Redskins Fan

The Redskins Blog | Redskins Play Soldiers In Call Of Duty 3

The Shutdown Corner Halfway Point All-Overrated Team: Offense - Yahoo! Sports
Tim Tebow saved John Beck here.

The Shutdown Corner Halfway Point All-Underrated Team: Offense - Yahoo! Sports
Fred Davis the lone Redskins player.

Bart Scott Doesn’t Sense a Rivalry Between the Jets and Giants Because they are not Fighting over Strippers like Redskins and Ravens did
There are some great quotes in this.


Great news from Vegas and our path to Andrew Luck
By vegas odds Redskins will pick 2nd in the draft