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London Fletcher's "WTF" Albert Haynesworth Moment

Where is this kid's parents?
Where is this kid's parents?

We all know Haynesworth is a waste and that his Redskins teammates were consistently forced to respond to the media that "we have faith in him....when he gets back in football shape he'll be good." Most of us didn't buy it though we desperately wanted and needed to. Well, Warren Sapp finally squashed all that in an interview with

"London Fletcher was sitting [in the Redskins' locker room] one day, and the media was there," Sapp said. "Their lockers were side by side. And the media was talking to [Haynesworth] about this $100 million contract. I was like, 'Wow.' It's one thing to get a $100 million contract. It's another thing to try to collect it. That's the key to any contract is collecting it, not getting it. You've got to collect it in the NFL. They'll come to you after two years in the NFL and tell you they're renegotiating and those things. After the media left, he tapped London and said, 'Man, I just wish it was six years (to get more money per season).' That should show you what the man is. I never saw it in his play, so when I saw the money, I was like, you have an unmotivated guy who stepped on Andre Gurode's head. Stepped on his head in a football game. But now he's the first $100 million man? I was dumbfounded by it. I'm like, who was he in his first five years in Tennessee?"

Sapp continued:

"So when Bill got him -- I love Belichick, I love that defense, I love everything about the man -- but you can't make a turd out of something that he's not. He's a turd. When you're sitting there beside London Fletcher who has more tackles than God and has Pro Bowls, and you've got just two? And you start talking about $100 million in six years instead of seven? Are you kidding me?"

Sapp hit it on the head. If $100 million can't motivate you, why would Bill Belichick motivate you? I can't really remember when my "WTF" moment was. Certainly the snow angels he did on Monday Night Football was the cherry on the cake.