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Who's to blame, the coaches or the players?

So I've been thinking this over. After the recent run of defeat, who would I blame more for the losses? I'm still not sure. I've been going through the debate back and fourth and I can't say one way or another.

On one hand we have the coaches. Now we can argue that play-calling (especially on offense) has been suspect. Why would you keep trying shots down-field when receivers are struggling to get open and the Oline can hold protection for that long? John Beck is our QB, why on earth are we letting him throw 30+ times a game?? 3 yard crossing route on 3rd and 20, what's going on?!??!? The offense doesn't look prepared to go out and execute. Players are making fundamental mistakes that should be drilled into them. Ill-disciplined penalties that the coaches should be filtering out of their players.

But on the other hand, how much of that can we put on coaches? Vinny Cerrato left us in a bad place, with a lot of bad players on the team which we are still recovering from. Fundamental things like form tackling and protecting the ball are basics that players should know how to do. Coaches expect players to know that and have more important things to focus on in practice. Coaches can only teach so much, some players just aren't that talented.

I put this question out on twitter and got a few good response back. But I think by far the best one was from @DFett88 who said:

No blame. This is part of rebuild process. We need to be patient and keep expectations realistic.

This is an excellent point. But I know a lot of fans will still want to point the finger at someone. So I'll open up a poll here.