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Game Preview: 49ers at Redskins - Open Thread

Predictions: 49ers 27, Redskins 10. I think the Niners dominate the clock running the ball and John Beck gets injured. Grossman comes in and does OK, which prompts another week of QB debating. I've been rolling the under every week for the Redskins and cashing checks. I'm keeping it going. Our defense can stop 37.5 points. (See what I did there?). The spread should be -9, not 3.5. I'm also loading up on Niners (and to re-iterate, I'm still rooting for the Redskins. It's a way to comfort a loss).

Kickoff 1:00 PM EST
TV Logo_tv_fox_medium
Announcers: Kenny Albert, Moose, Siragusa
Radio: ESPN 980 (regional station list)
Odds: Redskins +3.5, Over/under 37.5
Not playing TBD
Former Redskins on SF Carlos Rogers, David Akers
Previous Meetings I was at the last game they played in 2008 at San Fran, where Joe Nedney won the game as time expired. (That was my first article I ever really wrote too).
Head-to-head - 49ers are 14-9-1 all time
- 49ers are 3-1 all time in playoffs vs Skins
Vegas Trends - 49ers are 3-0 on the road
- 49ers have won all their East Coast games
- 49ers are 6-0 ATS this year. Harbaugh loves running score up.
- Redskins have not covered their last 3 games
Notes - 49ers have #1 rushing D in NFL
- Alex Smith only has 2 INTs (95.7 QB rating)
- Alex Smith has 5 fumbles (2 lost) so there's a window there for Rak and Kerrigan.
- 49ers are free money.
- Redskins are statistically horrible coming off a shutout (winless 5 games) since 1993