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Hogs Haven College Football Preview

Our buddy Steve is having some technical issues this evening and is unable to get his usual college piece in for the week. Want pro prospects? Watch the Bama-LSU game, haha. That game will be on at 8PM EST on CBS, I'm sure many of us will be watching. Furthermore here is a list of some other interesting games tomorrow and my FCS Game of the Week.

Games to Watch
#14 Kansas State (7-1) @ #3 Oklahoma State (8-0), 8PM, ABC
Texas A&M (5-3) @ #5 Oklahoma (7-1), 3:30 PM, ABC/ESPN
#9 South Carolina (7-1) @ #7 Arkansas (7-1), 7:15 PM, ESPN
#8 Oregon (7-1) @ Washington (6-2), 10:30 PM, FSN
#15 Michigan (7-1) @ Iowa (5-3), Noon, ESPN

FCS Game of the Week

#17 Towson (6-2) @ #10 Maine (7-1), 12:30 PM, Orono, Maine

Summary: CAA supremacy will be on the line in Orono this Saturday by two very unlikely teams, both heading straight for the FCS playoffs. Maine and Towson were picked ninth and eleventh in the conference this year, respectively, but both have wildly exceeded their expectations in one of the country's most unpredictable conferences. Towson has risen from the depths of FCS under the leadership of head coach Rob Ambrose, but the Tigers are coming off a tough at home to #19 ranked Delaware last week. Maine has been truly unbelievable this season with their only loss coming at Pittsburgh, which was a 35-29 loss. The Black Bears could nearly lock up a CAA championship with a win this weekend, this game has a lot more on the line for Towson. The Tigers need to keep their playoff hopes alive, especially since they face off against #11 New Hampshire next week, and then head to a pesky Rhode Island squad. Towson likely needs to win two of their next three games and go 8-3 to receive an at-large playoff bid, a tough task to say the least.

Prospects to Watch:

Towson: Towson lacks any senior NFL prospects at this point. I can't stress enough how incredibly young this team is. If you tune in for this one keep an eye on the QB-RB combo in Grant Enders (QB, Sophomore) and Terrance West (RB, Freshman), I'm sure we'll be hearing about these guys in a couple of years as potential NFL prospects.

Derek Buttles: FB, 6'4, 228lbs
Jerron McMillen: S, 5'11, 200 lbs
Pushaun Brown, RB, 5'10, 200lbs