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Which Wide Receiver Will Have the Bigger Fantasy Day--Michael Crabtree or Jabar Gaffney?

This week's fantasy toss-up features a pair of receivers that have failed to wow this season. Jabar Gaffney had four catches for 40 yards against Buffalo as the "number one" for Washington. Against San Francisco, the Redskins would seem to be gearing up to try and move the ball through the air, as the 49ers are extremely stingy against the run.

Michael Crabtree, on the other hand, has battled a foot injury since the start of the season. He has been back in the lineup now for a stretch but has failed to truly break out. He had his first touchdown of the season last week against Cleveland and has yet to surpass 100 yards in one game.

If you had to start one of these guys this week, who would it be...and why?