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Redskins Defense Was Clutch in 4th Quarter vs Seahawks

"It's not how you start, it's how you finish."

While Roy Helu and the offense deservingly are receiving a lot of credit this week for the win, what the defense was able to do in the final quarter was extremely impressive. On the 'Hawks first three, full drives, they failed to convert a first down and had a combined -10 yards.

The 16 points the Redskins scored in the 4th quarter were more points than they have scored in any quarter in the Redskins Mike Shanahan era (Skins scored 16 in 4th quarter @ Dallas last year).

Like all of the Redskins wins, Washington won the time of possession battle with the offense retaining the ball 33 minutes and 20 seconds. In addition, while the Redskins were penalty free (except for the intentional grounding by Grossman on the play before the TD to Armstrong), the Seahawks committed a penalty on every 4th quarter drive save the final interception one. Dagger.

Fourth Quarter Drives - Seahawks vs Redskins

Seattle Washington
SEA scores TD with 12:45 left in 4th quarter 6 plays
71 yards, Helu TD
3 plays
-5 yards, Sack, Punt
5 plays
56 yards, Armstrong TD
3 plays
-1 yard, 15yd penalty, Punt
3 run plays,
7 yards, PUNT
4 plays
-4 yards, 5 yd penalty, sack, TO on downs
3 plays
7 yards, FG
3 plays
1 yard, INT
2 plays
Victory formation.

(H/T Field Gulls for highlighting the SEA stats)