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Mike Shanahan: "We're going with Graham [Gano]"; Injury Updates

Some highlights from Mike Shanahan's presser just now:

  • Shanahan: "We're going with Graham. Those [blocks] had nothing to do with Graham." [Redskins]
  • When asked if he regrets benching QB Rex Grossman, he said did what he needed to at time but Grossman is guy now. [Zack Boyer]
  • Darrel Young suffered a concussion.
  • Stephen Bowen has a third-degree PCL tear in his knee. No surgery required. It's "not good" but it doesn't require surgery and "hopefully he'll be able to play this weekend." [Rich Campbell]
  • "Our players .... they're not going to take any crap." [FNNChuck]
  • Shanahan on Josh Wilson pass interference in 3rd Quarter: "Some calls are ticky-tac, but you have to live with them." [FNNChuck]