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11.27.2011 - Rest in Peace Sean Taylor


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It's four years to the day since Sean Taylor left us on November, 27, 2007. Check our tribute from last year, which  includes stories from pee-wee football and Butch Davis talking about when he recruited Sean Taylor in High School. 

After the jump is a can't miss video.

Here's a FANTASTIC 31 minute video of all of Sean Taylor's highlights. These aren't the same 10 you see on youtube all the time. There's a classic 60 seconds devoted to Sean Taylor jawing with T.O. and giving him a pop out of bounds at the 6:00 mark. There's multiple Chris Hanburger moments clothes-lining people, about a dozen strips, video if Taylor on kickoff coverage drilling people, Kenny Houston type tackles,  everything.

  • The interception at the 11:15 mark is something we'll never see again.
  • A fantastic post-game interview with Sean at the 15:40 mark.
  • The 19:10 mark, the Japanese media play call on the Sean Taylor Pro-Bowl punter hit. Hilarious.

The best part of this video is that all of the audio is the live play call from Larry, Sonny, and Sam. Enjoy. 

Here's a cool Sean Taylor graffiti picture: