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Which Redskin Offers the Most Fantasy Upside Down the Stretch?

In fantasy football leagues worldwide, the playoffs are quickly approaching. What I always find most interesting about this time of year is how the make-up of fantasy rosters seem radically different than where they started. Teams that were relying on stud starters like Darren McFadden or Jay Cutler are all of a sudden digging deep to find ways to score points from those positions.

Sometimes, fantasy owners are smart enough to draft a couple of guys that they can plug in late in the season in just this kind of situation. Other times, the waiver wire is where fantasy owners have to prevail to bring in the horses necessary to keep plugging away towards a championship.

Inevitably, players on losing teams end up playing a major role in fantasy playoff runs. Maybe a player emerges out of nowhere once a team decides to start playing guys to see what they have. Maybe a rookie or no-name player takes over for a well-known player who had to be moved to the Injured Reserve list. Maybe a bad team finds itself in an easy three- or four-week stretch in the schedule.

The Redskins have a few of these kinds of players, and someone in your fantasy league has either already picked them up or is about to pick them up.

Today's question is which of the middle-tier kind of player will factor the most down the stretch for some fantasy team? I have selected four players that are a bit iffy from week to week, especially from a fantasy perspective. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section.