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Who Is the Greatest Redskin To Once Wear a Seahawks Jersey?

It definitely wasn't this guy.
It definitely wasn't this guy.

Before we kick this off, I decided to change up the condition that the Redskin player had to wear the Seahwaks jersey before coming to Washington. Otherwise, the contest is over with Mark Rypien's cup of coffee in Seattle in 2002.

Current RedskinsJosh WilsonSean Locklear, Tyler Polumbus

In no particular order:

  • Shawn Springs - Drafted and played 7 years in Seattle before signing with the Skins where he had 12 career INTs.
  • Phillip Daniels - 4th round pick by SEA in 1996. Played four years for them, then 4 years for the Bears, and then 6 years for the Redskins. (8 sacks in 2005)
  • Jim Zorn -  I'm not going to even go there. This picture sums up his head coaching career nicely.
  • Shaun Alexander - 4 games, 11 carries, 2.2 yards. To his defense, he was signed when Ladell Betts when down.
  • Ryan Plackemeier - 7th round pick was only known for "muffin-top" here in D.C. He was horrible. 
  • Joey Galloway - I'm not going to go there. I still feel sorry for Gary Clark that his number was disgraced like that.
  • Mike Tice was actually drafted by the Hawks in 1981 and played 8 years for them before playing one year with the Redskins in 1989 then went back to SEA.
  • Pete Kendall - He'll forever be remembered for that fumble vs the Rams.
  • D.J. Hackett - Signed by the Redskins when they cut Roydell Williams in August of 2009. DJ was cut 4 months later.
  • Andy Heck - 1989 1st round pick for the Hawks played Tackle for the Skins for two years in 1999-2000. 
  • Fendi Onobun (Tight End practice squad this year)
  • Clint Stitser - Kicker Skins brought in this year to test Gano.
Notable players that wore Seahawks jerseys after D.C.: Jeff George, T.J. Duckett, Mark Rypien, John Friesz, Alvin Bowen, Eddie Williams (the FB we drafted a couple years ago), Dallas Sartz, Tony Green, Quinton GantherVernon Dean (CB for the Redskins from 1982-1987. In 1984, he picked off 7 passes, 2 for TDs).

For my money, I'm going with Phillip Daniels.