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There's a 0% Chance the Redskins Cut DeAngelo Hall

Redskins fans are an interesting bunch. I'll certainly put us in the educated department, but I guess like most fanbases, there's some idiots that ruin it for everyone. Like this fan who already has a website up: Players' post-game comments I certainly take with a grain of salt. Emotions are running high, and frankly, I like seeing our players pissed off. It shows they care and are not just there for a paycheck. They work hard each week in practice and believe in the game plan. The Skins effort vs the Cowgirls validate that. To recap,DHall sounded off post-game

"When you're paying a guy the kind of money I'm making, you expect him to make that play. And like I said, two times in a row .. I would cut myself if I was the front office...Hopefully they see something in me [and] they bring me back next year but the way things going right now I'm definitely not playing up to par."

Oh, you're coming back DHall. Here's two big reasons why:

  1. Redskins have NO DEPTH at the Cornerback position. (DHall, Josh Wilson, Kevin Barnes, Byron Westbrook, and DJ Johnson) Who? yea, news to me. The Redskins simply don't have the luxury of cutting starters at this position.
  2. DeAngelo Hall only costs $6million next year and $7.5mil in 2013 thanks to his huge signing bonus in 2009. Why would the Redskins cut a Pro-Bowl CB at that price? Hell, we kept Haynesworth on for a damn 12 months and we all knew he was worthless.
C'mon fans. We blast the Redskins front office for not having continuity and then you're demanding we cut Hall after falling down on a route. There's even a website to fire the Shanahans. Sigh. Do you really want to see our defense with Kevin Barnes or Westbrook as the starter? They're capable players, but can they run with elite CBs? (Don't say "Let's find out." You already burned that excuse with John Beck). 

The smart and logical thing to do is keep Hall on the cheap next year and bring in Cornerbacks via draft or free agency (for modest price) to compete for starting roles. Ahhh sanity.