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The Laron Landry Quandary

Laron Landry is a free agent this offseason, so what do you do with him if you're Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen? Landry has certainly shown flashes of brilliance at the safety position but has been hampered by injury the past two years, and certainly hasn't lived up to being a sixth overall pick in the NFL.

Rookie Dejon Gomes made some of us forget about Landry yesterday when he racked up fourteen tackles in his first ever NFL start. We will certainly need to see more from Gomes in the coming weeks before we can elevate him as the Skins future safety, but didn't his performance have you wondering a little. Do we need Laron Landry as a part of this team in the future? Can Landry stay healthy? We've been burned in the past by praising a "flash in the pan" safety like Chris Horton.

So as a fan what would you like to see the Redskins do with Landry? Re-sign him? Franchise him? Or just let him walk? For comparison, Michael Huff was signed by the Raiders this offseason for four years, $32 million. I'd expect Landry to be in a similar range.