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Power Play of the Week: Vote!

I thought I'd change things up for this week's Power Play of the Week. I put out the question on twitter last night "What was the pivotal point in the game where you felt the game was lost". Here are a few ideas from people on twitter.

@iantn84 suggested that it was the 3 and out after the London Fletcher interception. Here's the Fletcher INT:



Here's John Beck sliding for a 7 yard gain on 1st down:



Here's Beck getting sacked for a 7 yard loss to give us a 3rd and 10 situation:



Here's Roy Helu being tackled for a 7 yard pick up on a screen play, just short of the 1st down marker:



And here's some love for our brilliant punter, Sav Rocca. Just as he's about to smash this ball 52 yards and give the ball back to the Bills on the 3 and out:



What do you think? Was this the moment for you when you felt the game was over? Had we lost all momentum after the defense had just given us some?

The next suggestion came from @drWNC, who said "The blocked FG".



We were only 7-0 down at the time. Would 3 points on the board have given the offense some confidence and got something going?

@Roccoskins jokingly said "The Banks muffed opening kickoff" (although, to be fair, he also said the blocked FG).



Was this the point for you when the game was lost? Did you see Brandon Banks fumble it and think "this is going to be a long day..."?

Our very own Kevin Ewoldt said "for me it was warmups". Don't really have a picture for this, so I'll move onto the next one.

Finally, @NightWing19 suggested that although he had a monster game, "when L Fletcher gave up that TD I knew we were screwed".



It's 3rd and 1 on our own 15. We desperately need a stop to give us any hope of staying in the game. Bills TE Scott Chandler is running a corner route. You'll see that LaRon Landry appears to sprint up to the line in run support, leaving Fletcher to cover Chandler.



Landry starts to turn around once he realises its a pass. Fletcher appears to be taken back a little by Landry not covering Chandler, meaning Chandler gets a yard or two advantage on Fletcher.



When the ball is in the air, you can see Landry was sprinting back to get into position, but runs into another Bills receiver. Chandler comes out of his break a good yard or two ahead of Fletcher, who has no chance to make the play. Bills score the TD and put the game to 20-0, beyond any doubt.

So what was the moment for you that you felt the game was lost? Vote below or tell us in the comments what other play was more pivotal.