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Carlos Rogers Drops Smack Talk..Catches Flak From Redskins

Carlos Rogers has 58 return yards on 3  INTs including a TD.
Carlos Rogers has 58 return yards on 3 INTs including a TD.

Well, Carlos Rogers has been making his rounds with the D.C. media the last 24 hours. Last night Los was a guest on the LaVar & Dukes show, where he spoke about playing against his old team and the Redskins not renewing his contract. After the jump are some of the Redskins' players comebacks. Things got a bit juicy here:

"[With San Fran,] I'm not worried about if I give up a touchdown I may get benched. They let me be free, they let me blitz, they let me play man how I want to play it. They know I've been playing in the league for awhile so they kinda take my advice on things I have to say."

On coaches taking the blame, which he suggested this regime does not do, via DC Sports Bog: 

"You know, coaches can give you a lot of confidence, when you have the ability to do things and they let you do it...And when [coaches] mess up, they say I made a bad call, I shouldn't have put y'all in that situation."

On whether he thought about re-signing with the Skins...

"No, not at all. Like I said I wanted to leave there two years ago. It wasn't even in the discussion, my people didn't talk to them and they didn't talk to us."

Mike Shanahan fired back with a reply of his own:

If Carlos Rogers had played more consistent last year, he would have been re-signed long-term.

It's not hard to blame Los for wanting out two years ago. The Redskins where arguably at the lowest point in franchise history as the Zorn era was ending. Carlos was/is in the prime of his career and re-starting for a regime overhaul and piss-poor defense is not a place I would have wanted to stay either. 

It is a bit alarming to hear Shanahan saying Los played inconsistent. Hasn't that been the story for every Redskin player in the Shanahan era the last two years (not named London Fletcher)?  

Let's continue. DHall spoke about Carlos as FNN transcribed:

"You always miss having a guy like Carlos Rogers around," said Hall. "He's funny. He's entertaining. He's a good football player. He finally started to catch the ball-we could have used that....He's been calling me after every interception, so I know he had a lot."

Andre Carter has 4.5 sacks for the Pats. Carlos has 3 INTs for the Pats. Heck, even Haynesworth is playing. Something certainly is going on where players get better when they leave the Redskins. Anyone?