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Redskins Draft Profiles: Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State

ESPN's Friday match-up (if you're not watching the Longwood-BYU basketball game) is the nations second ranked team, Oklahoma State, visiting the lowly Cyclones of Iowa State (5-4). We all know what Oklahoma State's stud tandem of Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon bring to the table; so today we're going to look beyond those two and take a look at the Cowboys offensive tackle Levy Adcock (6'5, 322 lbs).

Strengths: Adcock is one the best and most powerful run blockers in college football. He also brings a sense of nastiness to the position and plays with an edge. Some things you'll notice if you watch the game tonight are: 1) Adcock is huge, 2) He has a good base, natural bend, and his pad level stays low, and 3) He has long arms and quick fit, which let him eat up defenders. Adcock has also been hailed as a team leader and a great locker room personality by his teammates. Finally, Adcock is very durable and has never been injured in his time at Stillwater.

Weaknesses: Adcock's biggest weakness is in pass protect, due to his size he can struggle against speed rushers. Although he does possess enough athleticism to slide and adjust. Also, Adcock is a Junior College transfer from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, so he doesn't have as much experience as some other high round prospects.

Projected Round: Right now Adcock is a second round prospect and could fit in nicely with the Skins. (An Oklahoma St. alum taking over for a Sooner) Right now he's sitting in the latter part of the 2nd round, so maybe he could be a potential pick if the Skins trade back similar to last year?

Film: Here is Oklahoma State's offensive tape from this year, Adcock is #73
vs. Texas Tech
vs. Texas A&M