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Would You Rather...

Wednesday is as good a day as any to throw out a toss-up question to anyone interested in debating topics that don't pertain to Super Bowl contention. I have to make you make a hard decision though. Nothing easy around here.

I will preface today's question by stating that we could and probably should stand pat at running back going into the 2012 season. Tim Hightower, Roy Helu and Ryan Torain give our offense a variety of skills and strengths that can be utilized at varying times by the offensive coaching staff. If the question was, "Would I change it up," my answer would be, "Negative."

That is too easy. So in this topsy-turvy world of the NFL, let's just assume for the sake of this discussion that we had to cut one of these guys loose to make room for another player. Which one would you send packing and why?

Creative answers always appreciated the most.