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Power Play of the Week: Sequence of events that told the story of the Redskins season.

Changing things up for this weeks Power Play of the Week. This came as a suggestion from @drWNC and I think it pretty much sums up the majority of our season to date. It begins with Miami first and 20 after a holding penalty by Miami. Perry Riley (who had a hell of a game by the way), makes a brilliant play on a screen to Reggie Bush, and makes a tackle for a 7 yard loss.



Riley is responsible for Bush on this play. They try a little screen to him.



But Riley reads it beautifully and is closing down on Bush before he even catches the ball.



Bush attempts to go back inside, then spin outside, but Riley does a great job wrapping him up and bringing him down for a 7 yard loss, making it second and 27 for Miami.



The very next play, Ryan Kerrigan gets a nice edge run on Marc Colombo while Barry Cofield gets a good push up the middle.



Kerrigan has no trouble getting ahead of Colombo who struggles to get a hand on him. Cofield swims his way to one side of the center and gets chipped by the LG.



Kerrigan doesn't just hit the QB Matt Moore, he hits the football, forcing it loose. Cofield also managed to get past the center and guard, and would have been there to apply the hit had Kerrigan not beaten him to it. Miami recover the fumble, but it puts them in a third and 31 situation.



Moore is in the gun, Barnes drops back into what looks like a zone coverage to protect the first down but allow the underneath patterns.



Cofield again gets a great inside rush, swimming his way past the interior Oline before applying pressure on Moore, trying to block the pass any way he can.



Barnes leaps and gets the interception. He returns it down to the Dolphins 7 yard line. Huge defensive series that has a turnover to show for it. They put the ball on the opposition 7 for the offense. This is the point that sums up the season for me. The defense (when it's fresh and not on the field for 40 minutes of the game) are making plays and getting off the field giving the offense every chance to do something. But what happens?



Logan Paulsen gets called for this holding penalty on third and goal on the Miami 1 yard line. Ryan Torain had run it in for a TD, but we get pulled back and its 3rd and goal from the Miami 10. Needless to say we fail to convert on third down and we have to settle for a field goal.