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A Fantastic Redskins Cowboys Video to Get Dallas Week Rolling

The Redskins are in a downward spiral reminscient of my morning "business" getting ready for work, but it'd wouldn't be right fair American to get amped up for this week without some Dallas Week verbiage. The Redskins have won games they had no business being in the last three years, so why not a win this week over Romo? His stats at Fedex are actually quite poor. Anyway, here's a 5-star video to get everyone amped up, including:

  • Commentary from players how George Allen made them hate the star, and video of Allen doing it
  • Real life hogs tearing up a Cowboys jersey
  • Grimm, Dexter, Bugel, Riggo, Theismann adding commentary
  • Roger Staubach rolling around wincing in pain 
  • Footage from the final game at RFK where Skins upset the Cowboys.

And for any Cowboys trolls that want to mention that it's old footage, I can bring up video of our home opener last year if you like. Do you really want to relive Alex Barron?