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Redskins Game Ball Goes To......

So, I need to have a word with our sponsor and SB Nation. Since we started this series of posts, the Redskins are 0-5. Sure, our QBs, OLine, and WRs stink, but it has to be these posts. I'm sure Shanahan would say the same. Come on sponsor Gods, cut us a break here. To make these posts more interesting, I'm going to include the biggest goat for the game as well. Obviously, Grossman should get some attention here, but I found a bigger one.

Anyway, as I see it, there are really only two game ball candidates here.

  • Leonard Hankerson - Good: 8 receptions, 106 yards., Bad: Out for season. (I can already hear Santana Moss telling him, "When you're catching across the middle in traffic, just get down.")
  • Ryan Kerrigan - Good: 5 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, Bad: Huge personal foul penalty on 3rd down that extended Fins drive for another 3 points.
  • LaRon Landry - BAD: After celebrating a tackle that led to a Dolphins first down, check out Landry on this Reggie Bush TD at the 0:18 mark. Landry, who is at the top of the screen, gets absolutely bulldozed by the OLineman. Straight backwards on his ass. Yyyyeeeerrrrrr!!!! We all know Landry is playing hurt, but he did so last year. Who would have guessed his brother in Jacksonville, Dawan, would be top 40 in tackles and not LaRon? In fact, LaRon Landry ranks 95th with 44 tackles. He was the NFL leader last year before getting injured.
UPDATE: Alright, I had a Twitter exchange with Robert Henson about this post and I've changed my tune on this. It's really not fair to call out Landry here. The guy is wired to play one way, and I can respect that. We've seen players give up before and it certainly is nice to see energy on the field. Do I wish Landry would curb the celebrations when we're on a 4-game losing streak? Yes. But look at Jared Allen last night. He was celebrating sacks down 17-0. Intensity for a team needs to come from somewhere, especially if the offense has the max power of a 4V battery.