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Redskins Draft Profiles: Chandler Jones, OLB, Syracuse

I'm sure many of us will be tuning in for the Carrier Classic tonight where UNC is playing Michigan State in a basketball game on the U.S.S. Vinson; but if college basketball isn't your thing than there is a Big East match-up over on ESPN2 between Syracuse (5-4) and South Florida (4-4) at 8PM. Both teams are nearly devoid of serious 2012 NFL Draft prospects, but Syracuse does harbor one intriguing prospect in defensive end Chandler Jones (6'5, 267lbs)

Strengths: Jones is likely best suited to succeed as a 3-4 OLB, some scouts have even hinted at the big man switching to tight end if things don't work out on the defensive side of the ball. His primary strength is the pass rush and tackling. If Jones gets an arm on you then you're going down. He was a big part of the Orange's upset over West Virginia when he sacked Geno Smith twice and harassed the WVU backfield all night long. Jones is also extremely durable and has never missed a game at Syracuse. Beyond football Jones is an honor roll student and has quite an athletic family. Chandler's brother, Arthur, was also a DE at Syracuse and is now a member of the Ravens after being drafted in the 5th round in the 2010 draft. His other brother, Jon "Bones" Jones, is a UFC Fighter who is 14-1 lifetime and the youngest champion in UFC history, he currently holds the Light Heavyweight belt and most recently beat Rampage Jackson.

Weaknesses: Jones need to improve upon his speed and his ability to read and react.  Also he coverage skills may not be the best as OLB. He is good at sniffing out screens, but could potentially struggle against NFL tight ends.

Projected Round: It would be hard to see the Redskins go with another OLB after drafting Markus White last year as a backup for Ryan Kerrigan, but you never know. Rob Jackson is under contract for another year and there is always Lorenzo Alexander, but maybe the Redskins would go young and bring in another prospect that could thrive in their system. Right now Jones is a 5th Round prospect, which wouldn't be a bad spot to take a flyer.