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Is Danny Smith a Problem?

Danny Smith is the Redskins version of a cockroach. Some how a guy that can pack more bubble gum than Veruca Salt has withstood the test of time with the Redskins, is in his third regime and eight year as the special teams coach for the squad. But is it time to shake it up and perhaps look elsewhere for a new special teams coach?

First, let me start out by saying I can't really comment on the X's and O's of special teams especially with the rules changing nearly every year. But Smith has been looked at as a players coach and a guy that stands up to keep his "guys". The thing is, I think his "guys" are part of the problem. He's had high motor guys in the past like Mike Sellers, Lorenzo Alexander, and Rock Cartwright; all of which are really hard not to root for. But the other personnel moves have me question Smith in general.

I think we all know how I feel about Brandon Banks and how he doesn't belong on this squad, but I think the only reason he is here is because of Smith. Also, how many kickers have we been through? It seemed as if our ST as whole were not prepared for the onside kick in Carolina. Is this a reflection on Smith. Many people have criticized Nick Sundberg, who is basically the only long snapper that Smith has had to coach up in his tenure in DC, so why wasn't another LS brought in to tryout this summer. Especially when a school down the road in Charlottesville had the NFL's highest rated long snapper prospect.

Seriously, from swinging gate to the odd Banks fake play this past weekend, how many special teams play have made you say "What the F'" in your head?  I do like that Smith is a high energy guy, and players seem to like playing for him, but I'm just curious if it's time for a fresh face in DC.