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Bye Week History Lesson: RFK Stadium at 50 - Part Three

Not even in the back of the team bus

Greetings Sunday denizens of Hogs Haven, as you are watching football and perusing news, please take a moment, sit back and ponder:  The Giants lost in the last second on *another* Eli Manning mistake, the Eagles are 1-4 on a four game losing streak, and the Cowboys are stewing over Tony Romo's incompentence on a loooooong week off.  Redskins have sole possession of first in the NFC Beast.


In partnership with Hogs Haven, Curly R's eight part series on the history of RFK Stadium continues, in which we learn what a committed racist George Preston Marshall was, and how Attorney General Bobby Kennedy was not ok with that.

Part One:  Faded Glory
Part Two:  Government Intervention
Part Three:  Race and Football
Part Four:  Monday
Part Five:  Tuesday
Part Six:  Wednesday
Part Seven:  Thursday
Part Eight:  Friday


Photo by Ben Folsom.