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Bye Week History Lesson: RFK Stadium at 50 - Part Two

Big government

The day belongs to Al Davis, who died today at age 82, and not to the Redskins on their bye week.  I am sure Ken and Kevin will join me in sending our condolences to Al's family, love him or hate him, there will never be another one like Al Davis.


In partnership with Hogs Haven, Curly R's eight part series on the history of RFK Stadium continues, in which we learn it literally took an act of Congress and what Mike Nixon and Jim Zorn have in common.

Part One:  Faded Glory
Part Two:  Government Intervention
Part Three:  Race and Football
Part Four:  Monday
Part Five:  Tuesday
Part Six:  Wednesday
Part Seven:  Thursday
Part Eight:  Friday


Photo by Ben Folsom.