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Fantasy Sleeper Danny Amendola Hits Snooze Button Until 2012

Since the Redskins are on a bye this week, and this post is a fantasy post in nature, I decided to cry in my beer tonight a little.

I really thought I had my fellow fantasy owners by the short and curlies on draft night. I plucked Danny Amendola for next to nothing in an auction draft. I had already spent heavily on Anquan Boldin. When I secured Amendola, the scrappy, Wes Welker-type of receiver for the St. Louis Rams, I was riding high.

Today, Amendola's agent confirmed that his client will require surgery for his torn triceps. The recovery time will spill into the offseason, ending what was a promising year for my wide receiver corps. That sounded a bit ruthless...let me try again.

Danny Amendola has ruined my fantasy chances in the short term.

Okay, okay...take it easy. Amendola is not only the type of player you want to root for on Sundays, he is the kind of player that seems to always have to fight twice as hard for his chance. A product of the high octane Texas Tech offenses under Mike Leach, Amendola was overshadowed his senior year by a guy named Michael Crabtree. He was really developing something with Sam Bradford. As we all saw last week, Bradford is more than a little lost without his go-to guy.

I wish Danny Amendola nothing but the best. I can only hope that this injury causes him to stay cheap and off the radar of my competitors. If so, you better believe I am drafting him again.