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Chris Cooley's Rally for the Cure this Monday Night in Ashburn


Cooley's annual fund raiser for breast cancer research is this Monday, October 10th, at the Clyde's in Ashburn. Anyone that has the chance to go should. It's an intimate setting and very easy to talk to media, players, and fans. I've been two years and it's always a fun event. For $65, food and drinks are included and several Redskins always show up. Past years included Haynesworth, Portis, and Reed Doughty.

One of the highlights of the night is the live auction Cooley leads himself, which includes game worn jerseys and golf outings with Cooley himself. Ken got in a bidding war for Cooley's #21 game-worn Pro-Bowl jersey with and stories from that night are here.

Come on by. Ken, myself, and our friends at Ball Hogs Radio already have our tickets.