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Daily Slop: Shanahan Says BYE Week Coming at Right Time


The Redskins Blog | Red Zone D Preserves Redskins Win
Through the first two games of the season, the Redskins allowed 60 percent of opposing red zone drives to convert for touchdowns.  But since the team took its show on the road, the Redskins have allowed only one red zone touchdown, and have improved to fifth in the NFL in red zone defense (36 percent touchdowns).

The Redskins Blog | Redskins Players Tweet Victorious Tune
Includes a nice twitpic of Armstrong getting pranked.

What we learned about the Redskins in Week 4 | John Keim
Of their seven sacks Sunday, five came from four-man rushes, and four of those were out of their nickel package. On one they showed eight at the line and dropped four. Another time Brian Orakpo stood up over the middle and rushed to his right. The other two sacks came from five-man rushes out of their nickel set.

Redskins' record, play don't match entering bye week | John Keim
Rex Grossman. His passer rating is 78.7 after four games, and he has completed 58.0 percent of his throws with six touchdowns and five interceptions.

Shanahan: Redskins' bye coming at right time
"This year is different than most because of the lockout, you were putting your team together during camp, working 20 hours a day to put together the roster, trying to negotiate [contracts], trying to put your system in. I think it has worked out pretty good for us that we have the bye week."

Redskins ran more than they passed vs. Rams - Real Redskins

RFK Stadium: After 50 years, it’s still personal - WaPost
Boswell COLUMN | Those who spent time at RFK Stadium over its 50 years of existence will best remember the intimate moments as much as the grand ones.

Brian Orakpo starts Ryan Kerrigan’s rookie of the year campaign - DC Sports Bog
(By the way, Haslett went on St. Louis radio last week and said the injured defensive lineman Jarvis Jenkins is "probably going to be our best defensive lineman," which would be interesting.)

A look back at RFK Stadium - The Washington Post
A photo gallery.

When RFK Stadium opened - DC Sports Bog - WaPost
An interesting recap of the first game at RFK.

Video of Lorenzo Alexander driving his Prius - DC Sports Bog -
Redskins linebacker goes green with a small hybrid, which probably isn’t the typical NFL player’s car.

Banks bottled up, but Shanahan not worried - The Insider 
The St. Louis Rams on Sunday kept Washington Redskins kick/punt return specialist Brandon Banks in check, limiting him to an average of 17.5 yards on kickoff returns and just 0.8 yards on four punt returns.

O.J. Atogwe Sings Spiderman Theme Song | NBC Washington
O.J. Atogwe was in a pretty good mood following the Redskins win on Sunday, and it showed in his postgame interview.

Rick Snider: Big changes for Redskins? Don't bye it | Rick Snider 
A 3-1 start lessens the urgency to make changes, but bye-week decisions still may impact the Washington Redskins' postseason chances.

Mike Shanahan: Tim Hightower played with shoulder injury - Insider

Shanahan focuses on fourth-quarter penalties, not INTs - Insider
"I try to tell our guys don’t pay attention to what anybody says. We’ve got to do it each and every week, we’ve got to find a way to win and find a way to be the best at what you do. At the end of the season, we’ll decide what type of team we are--offense, defense special teams. But we have a ways to go. I love our effort, I like the direction of our football team, and hopefully we can keep on doing what we’re doing."

Teach Me How to Romo....chorus is pretty damn funny.