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Do the Redskins have a three-headed monster at RB?

The ATV was finally back up and running in STL yesterday.
The ATV was finally back up and running in STL yesterday.

Many fans want to label a certain player as a "starter" or "backup", but is that really needed in regards to running backs in today's NFL? I say no. The days of the NFL feature back and guys pounding the ball twenty plus times a game are gone. Will we still have great running backs? Absolutely. Just look at Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, and others. But it seems like coaches and front office personnel have finally come to the conclusion that to preserve these guys careers that they to have a complementary back to go along with their stud. Show me a team with a great running back and I'll show you a great back up like Michael Bush, Ben Tate, Toby Gerhart, etc... It's not about thunder and lightning, it's about preservation.

Ryan Torain came out of nowhere yesterday, for the second season in a row, and fans want to immediately label him as the "starter" and quickly push Tim Hightower aside. It doesn't have to be that way and shouldn't be that way. We have a three headed monster in the backfield now, filled with speed, power, and an ability to move the ball. All three of these running backs need to play a role and need to be all-in together.

It's certainly easy to fall in love with a particular back, but these guys all bring a unique skill-set which will be a great benefit down the stretch. Don't get enamored with the label, instead be excited that we have three backs that can strike fear in a defense and help to move the ball down field. Most NFL teams can't say that they have three capable backs, and Shanahan looks like a genius in my eyes. Lets hope yesterday was the start of something beautiful. Maybe Cerberus lives in Washington DC now.