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Which Fantasy Defense Would You Rather Start: Buffalo Bills or Washington Redskins?

Every week we pose a fantasy football question that at least one commenter inevitably suggests is a waste of the pixels it takes to post the question. Which begs the question: What about the pixels it takes to ask the question about whether or not the original question was a waste of pixels? Deep...

We have spent all week talking stats and numbers, so instead of repixelizing them, I will leave it to you guys to back up your pick with whatever numbers or analysis you feel best supports your position.

For my money, I am taking the Redskins defense on the road in Toronto. I think a change of country is just what this defense needs right now. A little maple syrup, a couple bottles of Molson's and some free health care is bound to ignite our pass rush and will undoubtedly boost our ability to stuff the run.

Make sure someone tells our boys to be careful before ordering the bacon...apparently Canadian pigs taste different.

P.S. Only Jim Haslett can prevent me from perpetuating the notion that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a notorious impregnator of defenses.