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Why So Serious? Hoser Bowl Preview Part 1


For the first time ever the Redskins will head north of the border to take on the Buffalo Bills at the Rogers Centre (or to American, the Rogers Center) in Toronto. 'Eh.  Which means we'll have to suffer through two national anthems and the stadium will have an atmosphere to rival an Olympic fencing match.  The good news is the last time we left our friendly borders we destroyed the 49ers (I think) in Osaka. So that's good right?

It seems like this week that most of the media has been more focused on the Redskins injury situations then the product on the field. I hope this isn't the case for the team though. Injuries suck, but it's part of life in the NFL and we need to learn to overcome them. This team is teetering on another ho-hum season, but they have a chance to get their act together this week.

Where some people get down about injuries, I see opportunity. Many young players have a chance to contribute now. They all got to the NFL one way or another, talent isn't the issue. Some teams can plug and play anyone because of the culture of the team and we now have a chance to do that ourselves.

London Fletcher seems like a big blow, for example, but I have faith that Keyaron Fox knows this defense and will be well suited to perform Sunday.

Buffalo is coming off a bye, and sometimes teams come out sluggish from their bye week (see Redskins circa 2 weeks ago). I think it is going to be critical that we set the tone for this game. We can' mope around about those that have been lost, rather remain optimistic about those we have.

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